Industry Roadmaps

The Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy's (DMITRE) approach to industry engagement has driven the development of a number of strategies which will be instrumental to boosting investment and industry growth in South Australia.

The following strategies and roadmaps have been developed in consultation with industry and the community to boost investment, enhance business capability and grow South Australia's economy:

Manufacturing Works Full Strategy Cover Page

Manufacturing Works

The Manufacturing Works strategy is a catalyst for the transition of manufacturing to high value-added activities that compete on value for money, not solely on cost. The strategy outlines programs and initiatives that support manufacturers to innovate and prosper. These programs help local manufacturers develop products and services that are internationally competitive and linked to global supply chains.


Cellulose Fibre Chain Study

The Cellulose Fibre Chain Study has investigated options and pathways for developing more sustainable and higher-value products from the Limestone Coast's forestry resources. Undertaken by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland the study involves working with local industry to identify short, medium and longer term sustainable and achievable market opportunities.


Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in SA - PDF 32MB

Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in SA

The Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in South Australia lays out the key priorities that require action to ensure we stay ahead of the game in developing the state's unconventional gas resources.
It encourages safe exploration and production of unconventional gas under the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000. The Roadmap's 125 recommendations cover the full life cycle of unconventional gas projects - from exploration to production and possible liquefied natural gas exports.

ICT roadmap

ICT Roadmap

The ICT Roadmap for Minerals and Energy Resources Project is exploring how to establish Adelaide as a national information and communications technology (ICT) hub to service the mineral and energy resources sector with cutting-edge ICT solutions. ICT drives business transformation and innovation across all sectors - including minerals and energy - and is, increasingly, defining how relevant and competitive Australia is in the global economy. The project is industry-led and driven by the Australian Information Industries Association (AIIA) in partnership with DMITRE.

China Strategy cover

China Strategy

China is expected to be the world's largest economy by 2030. The South Australia - China Engagement Strategy outlines how South Australia can forge a stronger alliance with this economic superpower to maximise benefits locally and abroad for industry, business and the community. The strategy establishes how a partnership with China spanning investment, trade, business, education and tourism activities - as well as culture and science -supports the state's growth across a range of sectors.


India Strategy

The South Australian Government has developed a state strategy to maximise and capture opportunities presented by the growing Indian economy. The South Australia - India Engagement Strategy outlines how we work to strengthen the state's ties with India and build a long-term partnership. This partnership will span investment, trade and business activities as well as education, sport, culture, the arts and sciences.