Efficient air-con designer crowned Innovator to Watch



A Norwood-based company developing an energy-saving air conditioning system has won the 2012 CleverGreen™ Innovators to Watch Award.

SMAC Technologies took home the top prize in the awards program designed to support homegrown innovators of clean technology.

Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy's executive director of manufacturing and innovation Len Piro, who presented the award on behalf of the SA Government at a special gala dinner, congratulated SMAC Technologies on its win.

"Our state is at the forefront of clean technology development and the Innovators to Watch Awards recognise businesses with the potential to improve our world through innovation," Mr Piro says.

"I understand SMAC's method of air-conditioning can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85 per cent in commercial and industrial buildings.

"This revolutionary technology and energy-saving design also reduces the need for water and chemicals.

"SMAC Technologies' success in this year's awards will hopefully inspire other innovators and encourage further exploration in developing clean and green technologies."

The awards were held for the second time, with the winner recognised at the Enviro 2012 Conference and Exhibition gala dinner, held last night (Wednesday night, the 25th) at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Two finalists also recognised at the gala dinner were:

  • Adelaide CBD-based company, Intelligent Software Development - for intuitive modelling software, with an ability to predict large scale energy needs.
  • Edwardstown-based company, Azzo - for development of devices to measure energy consumption in real time, detailing how power is being used and what it is used for.

The winner received a cash prize of $3000, the finalists $1500 each, as well as a certificate and industry feedback.

More information about the CleverGreen™ Innovators to Watch 2012 Awards can be found online at www.dmitre.sa.gov.au/clevergreen