Progress report on Strategic Plan



The State Government has received an independent progress report on South Australia's Strategic Plan, which has now been published for the community to access.

The plan, which was established in 2004 and updated last year, sets out 100 targets for the Government, community and business to work towards - in areas as diverse as the economy, employment, crime, the environment, women's representation, health, science, education and culture.

Every two years, the plan for the whole State is independently audited, with a committee chaired by Bill Cossey AM and including representatives from the Economic Development Board, Climate Change Council, Science and Industry Council and Premier's Women's Council, providing a report to Government.

Premier Jay Weatherill said he welcomed the latest analysis of the plan, which was a key reference tool for the whole community. More than 9,200 South Australians participated in the update of the plan which was released last year and more than 10,000 people have registered on the plan's website to receive updates.

"South Australia's Strategic Plan provides a strong statement about how we want to go about government - involving everybody in the community in the decision-making process and being open and transparent about our work," Mr Weatherill said.

"We have built on the plan - which provides targets for the whole community - by setting out seven priorities specifically for government action.

"The latest update finds that the majority of our targets are on track or within reach, with government, business and community organisations making significant progress on them together.

"For example, there has been strong progress in reducing crime rates, labour productivity, young people completing school, climate change adaptation, housing for people with disabilities and the food industry.

"But there are also 23 targets which this update suggests are unlikely to be reached and nine targets with negative movement. In some cases this is because we have set ambitious targets to challenge us all. In the case of the Triple A credit rating, it is because we have made a conscious choice to put continued investment in infrastructure and services - and supporting jobs - ahead of a Triple A credit rating."

Mr Weatherill said that he encouraged all South Australians to use the progress report to identify where, and how, they can take action that will contribute to an exciting, prosperous, safe and secure future for South Australia.

The Progress Report is available at