Don't let your lights cause fire this Christmas



Putting up the Christmas tree is a time of great family fun and excitement but don't forget to be electricity-safe.

The Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) Technical Regulator, Rob Faunt is urging the community to follow some simple safety tips to help the festive season is free from electrical fires.

"When decorating your Christmas tree, always put the lights on first and ensure that other decorations like tinsel which is a great conductor of electricity, is kept away from the lights, he said.

"Keep curtains and other combustible materials at least one metre away from decorations and always check for loose bulbs and damaged or missing pieces."

Mr Faunt also urged homeowners to be careful with outdoor electrical decorations, particularly when it is raining.

"The best advice is to switch your outside Christmas lights off when its raining given water and electricity make a dangerous combination potentially causing fire, electrical shock or death," he said.

"Always plug Christmas lights into a power point protected by a safety switch and ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

"To save energy and the environment, try putting the lights on a timer and turn them off when you leave the house or go to bed."

For more information call the Office of the Technical Regulator on 8226 5518 or visit