Boaties reminded to steer clear of powerlines this summer



Boat owners and recreational fishers are reminded to keep an eye out for powerlines when launching or rigging their boat this summer.

The Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy's Technical Regulator, Rob Faunt said recent hot spells had seen an increase in the number of boats on our waters, and so it was a good time to remind boat users of the dangers powerlines can present - especially with the long weekend approaching.

"When manoeuvring your yacht or boat with a mast, always keep an eye out for overhead powerlines," Mr Faunt said.

"Electricity can be extremely dangerous to people and can cause serious injuries or even death.

Electricity can flash over a gap and a person can be some distance from a powerline and still be in danger of receiving an electric shock or severe burns.

"Therefore, if your mast or rigging is close to, or makes contact with, an overhead power line, you or your occupants could receive a severe or fatal electric shock, or start a fire in your boat.

"Make sure you have safe clearances from powerlines crossing over the water and near boat ramps when launching or retrieving your boat.

"As a guide, always keep your mast at least four metres away from any overhead powerlines."

Mr Faunt urged boat owners to always observe warnings near public boat ramps with access to waterways and be aware that clearances between the water and powerlines may change with weather conditions.

For more information call the Office of the Technical Regulator on 8226 5518 or visit