Million dollar boost to expand Berri manufacturer delivers jobs



A Berri manufacturing company has been awarded approximately $1.2 million from the Riverland Sustainable Futures Fund (RSFF).

Valls Styrene will use the funds to expand its operations to include the manufacturing of environmentally friendly building insulation products.

Minister for Regional Development, Gail Gago, said the project would bring a competitive advantage to the region.

"The funding will be used towards building infrastructure in Berri, as well as plant and equipment," Ms Gago said.

"Manufacturing these new products will bring increased export opportunities for Valls Styrene, as well as millions of dollars of revenue to the region and further diversify the Riverland's economic base."

Valls Styrene Director, Tony Vallelonga, said this project would bring to life a long term prospect.

"We've been interested in manufacturing these building products for some time now, and with this funding we can do it a lot sooner than we hoped," Mr Vallelonga said.

"We are a local company and I'm pleased to be able to contribute positively to the economy and the community, by creating 12 full time positions through this grant."

Established in 1983, to supply polystyrene packaging to Riverland fruit growers, Valls Styrene has expanded its Berri operations to four sites offering a diverse range of products and mouldings to include industrial and refrigeration packaging and building products.

The $2.64 million project will facilitate the building of a fifth site to house its operations to manufacture lightweight, environmentally friendly insulated roofing and wall building products.

Grants provided to date will help create 219 jobs in the region in areas including education, tourism, local business development and the food and beverage sector.

As previously announced, the remainder of the RSFF will be held over in an attempt to leverage additional federal funding to deliver even greater benefits to the region.

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