Case Management FAQs

What is the Case Manager’s role?

  • The case manager is appointed to work with each investor/proponent as their account manager to guide them through multi-government assessments, licencing and approvals.
  • The case manager is responsible for understanding investor/proponent expectations, communicating them across Government and translating between the two.
  • The case manager ensures that important projects maintain their priority status across government.

What is the role of the Economic Development Board (EDB)?

  • The EDB has established a Case Management Sub-Committee to oversee the process and monitor outcomes. The Sub-Committee aims to make South Australia the most attractive and competitive place in which to invest in Australasia.
  • A major success factor in securing investment for South Australia is a “can do” culture across government and a focus on achieving “triple bottom line” outcomes for the State i.e. social, economic and environmental.

What are the criteria to qualify for Case Management?

  • Are you a private sector investor who wants to initiate a major project in South Australia that is valued at more than $10 million?
  • Will your project need multiple licensing, regulatory, planning and operational requirements?
  • Will your project involve multiple stakeholders across all levels of government and industry?
  • Will your project contribute to the targets of South Australia's Strategic Plan or other government objectives?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions your project may qualify for the South Australian Government's case management service.

Projects that are valued at less than $10 million may still qualify depending on the complexity and sensitivity.

Who can I contact about the case management service?

Marguerite Dissinger                                                                                    
Manager, Cross Government Collaboration
Telephone: +61 8 8303 2145