The former EasyData site has been decommissioned. Up-to-date local level data on a range of socio-economic indicators is available on the following websites:


  • Wide range of data held by South Australian Government agencies, with the facility for other organisations to publish datasets, including at the local level.


  • A free online tool that brings together Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data sets with non-ABS data sets (such as the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, Geoscience Australia and the Department of Veterans' Affairs).
  • Data is broken down into approximately 3,000 regions across Australia and you can search via a map, drop-down menu or by a specific address, often at a much lower level than was available via EasyData. The data is sorted by four pillars: Economy, Population/People, Industry and Environment/Energy.
  • The data is based on current ABS geography and can be easily exported to Excel or other formats. Data sets are continuing to be added to the product.

ABS National Regional Profiles

  • Allows users to search for data down to the LGA and SA2/3/4 level via a map, drop-down menu or a specific address.

Public Health Information Development Unit

  • Interactive maps illustrating a range of population health and wellbeing indicators at the local level.
  • Includes the online version of the Social Health Atlas of South Australia.


  • Includes a Data link with socio-economic data, including time series and region, state & national figures for 13 indicators.