Innovation Voucher Program

The Innovation Voucher Program (IVP) encourages collaboration between small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and research and development organisations.

Vouchers are awarded to research and developers to help SMEs, without the necessary resources, solve technical problems and to encourage greater innovation within the manufacturing sector.

The State Government established the IVP as part of Manufacturing Works – South Australia’s manufacturing strategy.

Between $10,000 and $50,000 is awarded on a competitive basis to eligible research and development projects that partner SMEs with an annual turnover of less than $200 million. A funding contribution is required from the SME and the amount depends on annual turnover.

Eligible research and development businesses include public research organisations and companies that provide services for research, development and design. Research and development services for projects include, but are not limited to:

  • technical research
  • design development
  • design validation
  • prototype testing
  • the development of innovative production processes.

Projects underway

The first successful applicants have been announced, including:

  • Dotti Enterprises’, who will continue to develop the ‘DNA Guardian’ – a crime deterrent system
  • Lifebelt Pty Ltd, who will work with APV Tech Centre to test a prototype seat and belt system that provides better restraint around the hips
  • WBC Group, who will work with Mechstream on further development of a faster, simpler and safer wiring installation system and
  • SPS Aus International, who will work with the Australian Wine Research Institute to test a screw-top closure suitable for sparkling wine
  • Trident Plastics, who will develop a prototype for a plastic mesh for concrete reinforcement applications to replace existing steel
  • Associated Electronic Services Pty Ltd, who will partner with Laragon Pty Ltd in
    the Riverland to design and build equipment for the automated analysis of almonds for
    quality control and classification.

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Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and assessed within six weeks.

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and all candidates are encouraged to read the program guidelines before lodging an IVP application form.

If you need help to find a research and development provider, email

For further assistance in regard to the IVP, contact:

Mr Mark Ledson
Principal Industry Development Officer
Design Innovation
Phone: (08) 8303 2910

Mr David Lee
Principal Policy Officer
Phone: (08) 8207 8711

Relevant documents

IVP Guidelines

IVP Application Form