Welcome to the DSD Small Business Website

The Department of State Development (DSD) Small Business Unit supports business start-ups and existing small and family businesses. We encourage and assist the growth of businesses to become financially viable, innovative and resilient businesses that are globally competitive. This is achieved by:

  • Providing business information, interactive tools and resources
  • Facilitating business skills development workshops and targeted business support programs. 
  • Identifying and implementing red tape reduction initiatives.
  • Supporting small businesses to engage in supply chains and business opportunities created by the State’s resources, energy, defence, infrastructure, and other significant projects.

Who can help me? provides useful contacts for further information and support.

Visit the Small and family business events page to find out about events covering a range of business topics.

The following sections provide our online resources including business factsheets, guides, workbooks, interactive search tools and videos:

Starting your businessRunning your businessWinning ContractsGetting adviceMarketing your businessExport Readiness Indicator

Persons interested in pursuing any particular business opportunity are strongly advised to fully inform themselves by taking professional advice as to the extent of their rights and obligations - particularly in relation to any proposed investment.

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